Imaginary Creature II

When you first see it, in the far distance, it seems to be as large as a skyscraper. It usually sits quietly by itself, looking down and it has an air of loneliness about it and seems to be in need of company. Sometimes it looks up and gives of a vague expression, although very hard to see from a distance, that looks like it wants you to come closer. But even if it is very fluffy and cute, the size is so intimidating that it is very rare that anyone dares to approach it. If you decide to approach this animal you will discover what is quite extraordinary about it: the closer you get to it the smaller it gets. In fact no one knows its exact size because as you get really close, at least so you think, it gets so small that it is no longer visible to the human eye. Apparently, it simply disappears before you can get a really good look at it, it is therefore in a way inapproachable.

Imaginary Creature I

Despite it having no fear whatsoever of humans this rare creature’s face have never been seen. It gladly, or rather bluntly, approaches you if you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to encounter it and even when it is “facing” you directly, which it seems to always do for it never turns its back to anyone not even when it walks away, its face is somehow always hidden from view. Still, when you are next to the creature, you have an eerie feeling that it watches you intensely, scrutinising you with a patronising gaze. It never stays long with a human, it seems to lose interest very fast, and when it leaves it always leaves you with a feeling of complete worthlessness.

A picture from when the world consisted only of white clouds and blue skies:

On a cloud, an erupting volcano spurted out swarms of apple birds, glass birds with crutches, elk birds, horned paper birds, teardrop birds and raindrop birds, jelly birds, snail-shell birds, mirror birds, crystal birds, upside-down bathtub birds, reversed rainbow birds, helicopter birds, long-armed gravestone birds, plastic birds, hairy fog birds etc.

They lived in ever-changing forests on top of slowly drifting clouds. Sometimes they crossed the ocean skies, other times they found themselves in empty blue space because the cloud they lived on disappeared.

Earth boy

A spiraled shell fell from the sky and landed in a garden overgrown by shadows from an old tree trunk.

Many years later a child playing among the shadows found the shell and put it to her ears: she could hear the faint sound of a map in the form of music. A song about another place.

Another day, another shell fell from the sky and landed in the garden. This time, a small snail was inside. She lifted the snail up and held it in her hands. The slime from the snail tickled her palms a little bit. She closed her eyes and looked into another world where she saw a small boy throwing snail shells into a lake.

She wrote a message on a piece of paper and made it into a paper plane. But when she sent the plane into the air it landed in the branches of the old tree trunk.

She wrote a new message on a tiny piece of paper and rolled it up. Then she straightened out the old spiraled shell and put the rolled up paper into it.  She gathered some of the shadow leafs in the garden and made a pair of wings that she attached to the shell. The shell started to fly toward the dim surface of the lake where the boy stood looking down into his own face rippled by the slowly moving water.

Broken glass wings

The sirens:
howling specters
haunting the streets
in a city that covers an entire earth.

In a garden in a world dimly lit up
by a shining moon of garbage,
a child plays with a spiralled shell
fallen from a sky covered
by rusty scrap metal
from dead satellites.

Ears close to the black hole,
listening to a map in the form of music
by moths with broken wings of glass…